Taking a Break (Part 2)

Summer in Wisconsin is here – finally – and I’m taking a break from writing the first draft of murder and mayhem in my upcoming mystery, The Two Ugly Detectives Agency, to attend the most joyful of all events – a wedding! And the break couldn’t have come at a better time. i’ve been struggling for months trying to figure out what to do with a minor character named “Blue Jay” Johnson. Initially, he had a small part as a member of a drug ring, but, as minor characters sometimes do, he kept bugging me for a larger role. The trouble is – I don’t know what that role should be! I tried cutting him out altogether, and that didn’t work. So I changed him from a weak, drug-addicted fool into a charming, predatory sociopath seeking to work his way up to the top of the drug ring. But that hasn’t worked yet, either! So, it’s obviously time to take a break and share in the joy of my best friend’s daughter getting married! Hopefully, when I get back, a solution for my fictional problem will have occurred to me!

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