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Return from Break!

What a great wedding my best friend’s daughter had! The ceremony was held in a Lutheran Church, but had Latino overtones since that’s the heritage of the bride. Two traditions were included. First, the bride and groom had a silver lasso/ribbon placed around them to symbolize unity. Then they received las¬†arras – gold coins to bring good luck to the couple as they start their new life together. It was an eclectic wedding to say the least – the father of the bride is Buddhist, the groom is Lutheran, and the bride and her family have a Catholic affiliation!…The wedding took place without a hitch. The only near-disaster was when the six-foot-five Best Man began to step on the five-foot-two Bride’s wedding dress. Fortunately, she snatched it out of the way just in time. Being a writer, I had visions of the entire dress being torn off and the poor Best Man being ripped into equal shreds by an enraged Mother of the Bride (who vehemently wanted everything to be perfect). Now there’s a plot idea for you – marriage and murder all at the same time!