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Continuing the Tribute

Memorial Day is over, but, in my own small way, I want to continue a tribute to two individuals who’ve served in the military. The first is my brother, Jim, who fell in Europe in WWII. I was only one year old when he died in combat, so I never knew him. But I saw and felt the impact of his death upon my mother and father for years to come. I’m sorry you never had a chance to come home, Jim, and want to thank you for your service 72 years later. The second is my best friend, Dan. He served in the Big Red One in Vietnam as a medic and survived the impossible – a bullet between the eyes from a sniper who was firing down at him. Forty-nine years later, he’s had a long career serving as a Nurse Practitioner dedicated to the health and welfare of his patients. Thanks for all you’ve done, Dan!