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Powering Your Writing Through Music and Other Means

Like many writers (I assume), I listen to music while writing my novels. The type I listen to depends on the time of day. In the morning, I’ve already got caffeine in my coffee to fuel my efforts, so I listen to meditation/yoga/New Age music on Pandora to keep me soothed and focused on the story. In the afternoon, when my energy is lacking, I go for higher-adrenaline music that’s familiar to me and won’t distract. Since I’m an older guy, I love the blues, blues-rock, and classic rock.

But, you know, sometimes music of any kind just won’t do it. By the end of the week, my imagination is exhausted from searching for the best way to keep the plot of my murder mystery moving and making sure the motivations of my characters mesh with their actions. The mind is simply too tired to do any more writing. So, what do I do?

I use a text-to-speech app to listen what I’ve written. In my case, I use Natural Reader although I’m sure there are many other good ones out there. Of course, these apps don’t have natural-sounding voices, but they do force your ear to pay close attention to the words you’ve put on the page. It’s an effective way to simply evaluate your writing up to that point by absorbing the good and identifying the bad in your story. That way, you can start the next week with goals in mind for improving the tale you want to tell your readers.

What about you? What techniques to you use to power your writing?