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Murder Mysteries – and Cartooning!

Cartooning and writing – what do they have to do with each other? Well, oddly enough, the two skills seemed to be linked in certain authors although no one really knows why. Examples are the humorist, James Thurber (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and the great novelist, John Updike (The Widows of Eastwick, etc.). In Thurber’s case, cartoons were a natural outlet for his wit. In Updike’s case, he loved cartoons from childhood because they “drew me in, into a world where I, child though I was, loomed as a king, and where my parents and other grownups were strangers.” He drew his own cartoons but, apparently, didn’t consider himself up to the level of the professionals. But cartooning did influence his works; it made them more visual. So, the cartooning world’s loss was the literary world’s gain. (You can find both writers’ cartoons easily on Google.).

I’m one of the lucky authors who also does cartoons. (Two examples are shown below. I did them in Adobe Draw on my iPad Pro.) But, I have no pretensions of becoming a professional artist. I do them mainly for one reason – they’re a wonderful relief from the drudgery of writing novels like my Corpse Pose, A Murder Mystery. A cartoon is something I can do in a few minutes unlike the hours and years it takes to complete a book. And it’s the exact opposite of all the blood and gore that are the fabric of a murder mystery! So, I count myself lucky to be both a writer and a cartoonist!


Apologies to Mystery Writers!

What inspired me to write my first murder mystery, Corpse Pose? I’d like to give you inspirational answers like, “I wanted to explore the reasons for human depravity!”…or…”I wanted to see justice done to characters (based on real-life individuals) who deserve everything the law can bring to bear on them.” But I can’t. The truth… Continue Reading