Not Lighting Up the Literary World!

Like many writers (I assume), I wanted to be a great author. I wanted to light up the literary world with brilliant illuminations of the human condition that readers and critics alike would rave about.

Fat chance of that.

I found I had neither the keen intelligence nor the intuitive talent necessary to produce “great” literature.

What I did find was the oddest thing – I had a knack for writing action-adventure in the genres of science fiction, mysteries, and black humor. Bloody combat and vicious murder are my forte!

This was odd because I’ve been in exactly one physical fight in my entire life, and that was years ago at the age of 15 (which ended in a draw).

For the first 60 years of my life, I was extremely near-sighted, and even if I was so inclined, I wasn’t about to get into brawls when I couldn’t see my opponent. The results wouldn’t be good.

And when I was in the Army during the Vietnam era, I ended up as far from combat as you could possibly get – writing news for American Forces Radio and Television on the island of Okinawa!

I fought this tendency toward action-adventure for a few years – after all, I wanted to be a “serious” writer! Eventually, however, I realized that I had to make use of the talent I had – and that I was lucky to have it. Then, I found out much fun it can be!

So, I’m grateful for the simple ability to sit down at a desk and conjure up whatever characters and creatures might be inhabiting my head on any given day – cunning trolls, justice-seeking detectives, Army Rangers re-awakened in the future to kick that future’s behind, and so on.

It’s a ride I enjoy. I hope you will too.

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