Mystery Writer’s Block and Blind Alleys!

For me, an odd form of writer’s block is not the “traditional” inability to come up with a mystery story idea; instead, it’s a situation where, all of a sudden, I have too many choices to make and end up wondering which one I should choose! It’s the literary equivalent of visiting a smorgasbord with a ton of food choices and ending up starving because you can’t decide where to start! So, what do I do to avoid creative starvation? I simply accept the fact that I’m going to be writing down some blind alleys and end up facing a brick wall that won’t let me go any further. When I hit that wall, I simply turn around and choose another route. It may take me several trips, but, eventually, I find a path that’s unobstructed. How about you? If you’re a writer, what do you do when you run into this situation?

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