Give Your Brain a Break and Write Better!

So, what do I do when I’m not writing? I cartoon! Yup, it’s a great way to get relief from thinking so hard. I use Adobe Draw on my iPad Pro – a wonderful anniversary gift from my wife. Here’s an example of the kind of cartoon stuff I create.


I’m not a great cartoonist (that requires a lot of dedication and practice), but it’s simply pure fun to turn away from what seems like the drudgery of writing (especially in the middle of a book) and create something you can finish in a couple of minutes.


By the way, did you know that at least two famous American writers also cartooned? John Updike, for one, wanted to be a cartoonist in his teens and drew them at Harvard. Google his name to find examples.


The great humorist, James Thurber, also did simple and classic cartoon illustrations for The New Yorker. He had a quirky and very dry sense of humor. Check him out on Google.


In addition to ‘tooning,’ I do yoga to get away from the physical effects of writing. After years of sitting at a desk and pounding out prose, I find it a wonderful practice for loosening all those stiff muscles and correcting the bad posture. I highly recommend it.


In fact, I recommend any kind of exercise for writers! Your brain needs relief from constant thought; otherwise, you’ll go stale in a very short time. Plus, exercise gives your subconscious the opportunity to do its mysterious work. You’d be surprised at how often a wonderful idea will pop into your head while walking, running, cycling, etc.


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