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Apologies to Mystery Writers!

What inspired me to write my first murder mystery, Corpse Pose? I’d like to give you inspirational answers like, “I wanted to explore the reasons for human depravity!”…or…”I wanted to see justice done to characters (based on real-life individuals) who deserve everything the law can bring to bear on them.” But I can’t. The truth… Continue Reading

Favorite Mystery Writer(s)!

Who’s my favorite mystery writer? Over the years, it’s been Jonathan Kellerman, without a doubt. It’s not often you have an actual practicing psychologist write best-selling murder mysteries! As you might expect, I enjoy his books because of their emphasis on the psychological exploration of his characters. Kellerman’s expertise allows him to tease out and… Continue Reading

Not Lighting Up the Literary World!

Like many writers (I assume), I wanted to be a great author. I wanted to light up the literary world with brilliant illuminations of the human condition that readers and critics alike would rave about. Fat chance of that. I found I had neither the keen intelligence nor the intuitive talent necessary to produce “great”… Continue Reading

Dig Yourself Out of a Writing Ditch!

Sometimes I’m asked by non-writers, “What’s the hardest part about writing novels? Coming up with ideas? Staring at the blank page? Forcing yourself to sit down and write?” Without a doubt, for me, the hardest part is the middle of the novel. At that point, I don’t feel like I’m writing – I feel as… Continue Reading

Tooning and Writing!

So, what do I do when I’m not writing? I cartoon! Yup, it’s a great way to get relief from thinking so hard. I use Adobe Draw on my iPad Pro – a wonderful anniversary gift from my wife. Here’s an example of the kind of cartoon stuff I create. It’s somewhat of a self-portrait!… Continue Reading