A Small Key Moment in a Writer’s Life

Like many authors, I had doubts as to my writing abilities when I first started out oh so many years ago. Lacking self-confidence, I needed a spark to get over the hump, and I got it in a small, yet wonderful moment. At that time, I was designing and writing seminars and workshops for a training and development company. This was before the advent of the Internet, streaming video, and webinars. We used an audio component in our seminars; participants listened to sales scenarios and practiced selling skills for products like Purina Chows, NAPA auto parts, etc. We had to write scripts for these workshops and then take them to the studio to have professional voice actors record them. At the recording of my first script, I got a jaded, grumpy actor (“Jack”) who obviously didn’t want to be there, except that the money was going to pay some bills for him. (And, to be fair, many training and development scripts were really awful.) Jack grabbed the script from the producer, went into the recording booth (not knowing I was observing), and sat down to run through the lines. After a couple of minutes of reading my script, a startled look came over his face, and Jack exclaimed, “Hey, this is good!” and then proceeded to record the script with real enthusiasm. And that was all I needed to commit to a life of writing fiction and non-fiction — one small moment of honest and unexpected praise from an actor who had no idea he’d launched a career for me!

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