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Reverse Writer’s Block

After suffering for years from total writer’s block due to depression, my imagination was freed up when the then-new anti-depressants came on the market back in the Eighties. Prior to those years, I was able to write non-fiction easily, but couldn’t do fiction at all. Curiously, since those days, I’ve encountered a kind of reverse… Continue Reading

Murder Mysteries – and Cartooning!

Cartooning and writing – what do they have to do with each other? Well, oddly enough, the two skills seemed to be linked in certain authors although no one really knows why. Examples are the humorist, James Thurber (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and the great novelist, John Updike (The Widows of Eastwick, etc.). In… Continue Reading

Shortsightedness Leads to a Career in Writing!

All of us are shaped by our physical characteristics. One characteristic, in particular, shaped me into a writer – myopia. As a child, I was extremely near-sighted and couldn’t engage in a lot of sports activities. Klutzes weren’t welcome at second base or beneath the basket. So, naturally, I took to reading books at an… Continue Reading